Paint touch-up?

Found 7th Oct 2015
The walls were painted about 3 months ago. I noticed some inconsistent patches and decided to touch them up using the same paint (Dulux Vinyl Matt Emulsion) and a roller. After drying, the area that has been touched-up is noticeably darker than the rest of the wall. Is there anything that can be done to make these areas blend in with the rest of the wall (short of painting the entire wall again)? Thank you.

- DIY novice
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no, just do the full wall. 1 coat should do it.
Use a foam roller. The tiny ones that are about £4 a pack. Pound shops sell them with a small tray which maybe your best bet. That's what I use on patch jobs. Touching up can be seen more if the colour is darker compared to lighter colours, but more often than not you can see where you touched it up. If you can see it and it's annoying you then coat wall again
You could deal with it until the walls have been weathered and then coat the rooms again.

I have had patches in my house and with kids, the walls are now due for a refresh. Besides that, the whole wall would need to be done as above.
Thanks guys. I guess I was in denial about having to paint the entire wall again.
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