Found 1st Oct 2007
Going Paintballing soon and was wondering if it is possible to buy paintballs in bulk, rather than getting ripped-off at the paintballing centre? Looking for 500-1000 paintballs.

Has anyone done it this way in the past?

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A lot of paintballing centres will not let you take your own paint as this is how they make the majority of their money. They typically charge £100 for 2000 balls. You can buy paint quite cheaply on ebay.
All of the places i've been to wont let you use your own paint as some people like to freeze paintballs or add marbels, and obviously as you can tell these will cause a hell of a lot of damage.
Got to agree, whenever I've been paintballing they won't allow you to take your own. They generally don't charge very much for the day but then make the money back on the paintballs. A bit like Printers and Ink I suppose.

I suspect that they keep a close look out for people trying to use their own!
when i went with delta force the paintballs where only £3 for 50 or £5 for 100 but the grenades where the best things lol
100 paintballs will last for about 5 minutes. When I booked my paintballing session I booked it on a 'dominator' day, this is when members from different clubs get together, because it was dominator day the organisers were selling 2000 paint balls for £20. On a dominator day club members can take their own paint but have to pay about £50 for the day. I think I paid about £15 per person.
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