Painting Bathroom Wall Tiles

Posted 24th Oct
Hi, Anyone know if this works well?

A few YouTube videos show pretty good results, but I'm a bit sceptical...
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I've painted a bathtub and tiles with somewhat good results. It was time consuming, and the surface preparation is key to it working well.

The paint on the bathtub chipped in a couple of places withing 6 months. I realise you're only doing tiles, but it gives some indication of the toughness.
If you’re painting them you’re best off using a 2pac paint. They’ll sell it at your local Johnstone’s decorating centre its not the cheapest stuff but it’s the best stuff to use. It’s very hard wearing.
What ever you do avoid the spray can paint for tiles, I done my kitchen tiles and the paint peels off, wasn’t a really cheap me either! Sorry I can’t give better advice than that.
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