[Painting & Decorating] Need Cheap dust or paint cover for furniture while i work?

Posted 11th Jan 2023 (Posted 3 h, 0 m ago)
Going to start painting my walls in upstair bedrooms. Looked online and prices seem lot for cotton type covers, especially when they dont come in packs.Considering just thowing down news paper and dustbin liners over floor and my stuff. Is that bad idea? Cheers.
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    That could work and didn't realize I had a store local to me. The dust covers at Screwfix seem to be 12"x 6" which seem useless...?
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    Have you not got any old bedding? That will be ok to use
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    I buy plastic sheeting on a roll , lasts ages and long and wide enough to cover everything, like this from Wilko wilko.com/en-…139
    Neat, will buy when back in stock. Maybe when I work downstairs.
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    The polythene dust sheets are decent and affordable and I've never had issues with them. The only thing I dislike is that because they're so lightweight they can move if not stuck down enough.

    You mentioning using newspaper reminded me of this classic clip

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    Wickes plastic sheets.
    I buy in packs of 10.
    They are best quality for the price.

    Rolls of floor cardboard is better then plastic with wet paint protection
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