Posted 28th Dec 2011
Basicly, i am about to redecorate, but i have a hole in a wall (dodgy builder from a while ago, hid it behind a painting), thats too big for pollyfiller, so I was thinking about expanding foam, but since I want to paint over it, expanding foam would "drink" the paint (previous knolodge of that stuff). I was thinking of a tape to put over once ive used the foam. Ive done a few experiments with masking tape (didnt work, it bubbled) and duct tape (worked but could flake off if scratched)

The hole is around about 1ft in length and about 3 inches (veries along the length)

Is there any tapes, that i can paint over with emaulshon paint (yellow) and it not be as noticeable? I dont care if you can see it slightly as ill hang the painting back up there but id rather it be gone.

excuse my spelling, dyslexic
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