Painting uPVC windows

Posted 14th Nov
As the title suggests...

Anybody done this or have any experience. Thinking of painting ours internally to begin with and depending on results maybe external.

We have horrible brown uPVC at the moment. Any recommendations on paint or tips? I've been told Zinsser do a really good external paint..

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I've not looked into it in detail but wrapping them might be an option.
I had considered it but not done it as plan changed.
Hers is a link that may help…mes

let us know how you get on
Don't do it. Maintenance free to annual painting and will look awful too.
Very similar, literally painted my plastic loft hatch about a month ago with zinsser upvc paint... It still flaked!

I take you saw that blog about it, I did the same.... Me personally I wouldn't take the risk after aonting that loft hatch
Thanks for the comments. From the sounds of it I best get saving for new windows
Could be worth contacting a firm like this

From memory most offer 15years guarantee on paint worth checkin the price against new windows
Just use plastikote paint.

Find your local double glazing place and look in the skip for an offcut to practice on.

The key is to make sure they are perfectly clan and grease free
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