paint/pc drawing needed - silly favor? help if you can!

i need a small favour

its a silly one and people will laugh - but i really dont mind!

i would like someone to draw me a logo for a company called

"save the mouse"

ideally this small logo will be usable as a company logo on a joke letter (long story)

ideally this logo will use the words "save the mouse" - ideally a picture of a cartoon mouse (either face or body) and ideally some cheese - ideally either the typical cartoon hole ridden cheese - or some edam)

i know this sounds very silly indeed - and i will admit it is. But i am not good at drawing on my pc so i cant do this myself!


I think you might be going crackers!!!!!

Posting baby bell cheese and a joke letter with a "save the mouse" company logo!

My drawing skills are rubbish also!

I know! i cracked it! he's making a company and giving us all free babybell samples! :giggle:

looked at the topic name and thought you needed a copy of mspaint

I've made a start and will post something for you later this afternoon :thumbsup:
(naturally I have to do this undercover as I'm at work and there's certainly nothing on the design list relating to a mouse!)

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your a legend mr mbeeching

i will pm you letting you know what its all about!

Any good?

Very nice Mbeeching (Y)

"Very" quick play around in photoshop

I seriously think we should consider setting this charity up

I have a feeling you are going to be inundated with logos, Knewbold!!! :giggle:

I reckon you should open it up into a vote for HUKD members to choose which is the best?

Just a bit of fun :-D

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come on lets save the mouse!

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frst things first
pete that is good

but mbeeching - im loving it!


Ha well I've only ever done a few crappy avatars before and that only started becasue of the 101cd thing last week.

At least I got a new avatar out of it :-D

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ok - im going to open a separate thread - saying why i am trying to save the mouse!

keep commenting on this thread though

a bit rough but feel free to use this

Original Poster

i like that don


Tided up a bit. And its my pleasure


Any good?

Absolute quality, maybe I'm slighty Lancaster biased though :thumbsup:


Any good?

Absolute quality... though I confess to being Lancaster biased :w00t:


I want a "save a mouse" t-shirt, but for free

Original Poster

im sorry

save the mouse hasnt gone national yet

although i guess i will take cheese donations

in fact it would be silly if i got random people to post cheese to my missus
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