Palicomp vs AWT-IT

Posted 14th Aug 2020
Just wondering if anyone had any real experience with either company ?

How have you found them ?
Any better alternatives ?
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Palicomp yes ordered a custom build from them. Everything was perfect. AWD-IT had sent them 4 emails to request a quote never once got a reply. Took the huff thinking if they cant be bothered to reply to an email about a possible sale, what would they not be like if it was after sales.
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I know someone who bought a gaming pc from palicomp recently. Would not boot up. From the beep codes I suggested it was a memory problem. Moving the memory chips to different slots cured the problem. Palicomp took several days to respond, there was a crumb on the motherboard and don’t think it had been tested properly before dispatch...
Avoid awdit at all costs, just a terrible, terrible company, with terrible customer service. Sent me a used, second hand 1200w power supply unit, said it was new when it was covered in dust and scratches, and when I returned it, they claimed it never arrived.

Eventually got the money back after royal mails fraud department initiated a fraud investigation.
Thanks ordered from Palicomp.. hopefully arriving next week.
Just to a quick update.PC all arrived, very happy with it so far
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