Palm Pre / HTC HD2 / BlackBerry Bold 9700

    So I've been offered a replacement handset for my Satio by o2 today and I've been given the choice of;

    The Palm Pre, HTC HD2 or the BB Bold 9700 and was wondering if anyone could give some advice for which to go for.

    I'm looking for one with a good internet browser that supports youtube etc., some good apps, mostly weather, travel and games and one that generally runs well, no slow down etc.

    Rep will be given to those who help of course. =)


    they're all good handsets. personally I'd prob go for the palm pre.

    Have a BB bold 9700 and love it.

    I'd personally go for HD2


    HD2 without doubt

    however, if they are offering a pre (special contracts phone) can you not wing a iPhone?

    I have 9700 and love it, personally i dont like webos on the pre and i think the hd2 is too big for my liking. 9700 is good with nice screen and good app store now.
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