Pamplona Bull Run

    Hi All, first time poster though have been browsing the site for a bit meaning to register (am typing on the Vostro i bought on the reccommendation of the guys on here!)

    Anyway, i am going to Pamplona in July for the purpose of running away very quickly from some rampaging bulls. i have flights booked into Madrid and out of Barca but am looking for suggestions for deals / cheap / decent accomodation in those two cities, and also any suggestions on where to look for rail / bus services between them both and Pamplona.

    any help is much appreciated!!!


    you might want to get some good insurance.

    get good running shoes.
    and maybe red bull ... lol

    seriously though, have a great time out there!

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    ha ha yeah thanks. good advice from you both! i would imagine i would have to get some specialist dangerous activity insurance but havent really thought about that yet. i have looked into the runing shoes thou!!!!!
    amongst other things i am a filmmaker (graduated nearly two years ago) and thou im not working in the industry at the moment i am trying to get in. im going with some mates but im thinking of filming it and making a film out of the whole thing. dunno if it will come off as it could rely on having some funding for equipment but if it does come off anyone who wants a copy would be more than welcome!!!

    Looking on usually gives great recommendations etc on hotels, restaurants etc..We got a great deal on a hotel in Barcelona last year..Google the transport systems of those areas..
    Have a great time..though I have never seen the point of being trampled to death by a bull 'fun'..but don't get me started on Spains abuse of Bulls :o/

    guero - yeah that would be fab to see the footage when you finish (if you return in one piece ...) PM me the link then!

    the idea is crazy – running and carrying camera gear with varying depth of field, or very shaky footage with an unimaginable end ... is not the average person's idea of 'fun tv viewing' but i'm sure you'll figure out a good angle.

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    will check that Gina, thanks. As for the run itself, well i am going with a group of friends. we all lived together 6 years ago at uni but are dotted round the country, dont see a whole lot of each other anymore, so it more about that than the run itself. the treatment of the bulls is an extremely divisive issue. its something i will look to touch upon in the film, if it goes ahead. i personally dont have a problem, but there are those who will disagree with me strongly and i respect that.
    kippy, yeah filming will be a difficult one but the whole piece will be more of a docu-film. it wouldnt be a 2 minute single shot 'run' but getting as many shots as i can over a few das to put together a taste of the thing. if you are still interested pm me somewhere i can send the dvd either now or a bit nearer the time!!!!
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