Panasonic 37" Plasma - pricematched at £549

Have looked at this for a while. Tried to get John Lewis to price match Richer Sounds @ £499 but they have sent me a letter saying they will only price-match the Official Richer Sounds in-store price (£549 - even though when instore they would match their internet price of £499). I think its still a decent price considering the 5 yr warranty (can get the same set from Richer Sounds with 5 yr warranty but I think in the current climate there is more chance of John Lewis still being about in 5 yrs time than RS). What do you think?


i reckon they will both be about in 5yrs time, have been to a richer sounds store damn there always packed

They've both been around a few years, but hey, so were Woolies!


Agree, Richer Sounds shops are generally tiny and staffed by a couple of geeks on low wages plus they own or have interests in a number of hi-fi brands. Mr Richer seems to know what he is doing - I don't think they are going anywhere.


Thanks for posting Davey, but I've moved this to misc as it's a heads up/workaround rather than an advertised price

I advise the OP to revisit John Lewis and force them to honour their price guarantee which clearly states that they will price match, even if the competitor is on sale. The wording is pedantic but a sale is a reduced price and that is what Richer Sounds are doing. Thus, John Lewis have to honour it. They would perhaps rather not, but they will or you go to the Evening Standard and knock them for much more than £50 in bad publicity.
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