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    Hi. We already have a non HD Panasonic Vierra Plasma TV which I am hoping my DH will agree to upgrading later this year in time for Christmas. Have been looking at trying to 'future proof' ourselves a little and am considering one of the new 3D TV's available from Panasonic, in either the GT or VT ranges. Not really sure which one to go for. Do any of you have any experience of either of these - good/bad points. It is obviously a considered purchase and I'd appreciate your thoughts. Do you know of anywhere doing any 'deals' on them - now or nearer Christmas? Thanks, Lizaberry


    FUTURE PROOF, no such thing, most things are out dated when they are released for sale

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    I accept that, but when we bought our current TV, we didn't take account of HD being the next big thing, even though quite a few of the TV's we looked at were marked up 'HD Ready'. That was 4yrs ago, so we just want to make sure that this time we're 'keeping up' with technology rather than having to play 'catch up' months down the road.

    would have thought the best you could do is get a 3D, LED, freeview HD, with wifi? set... thats about your most advanced options i think atm but im more experienced with budget end TV's, the future is going to be OLED with this integrated new free service which i was reading the paper they have plans for (proposed currently as a set top box retailing at £200) basically rivals sky plus providing both storage, pause rewind facilities, internet and all on demand services along with more channels, pretty sure you can get most of the latter allready on sets full connective to the internet.. dunno if that helps at all but hey

    the panasonic plasma 3d sets seem to get the best reviews for less crosstalk and more accurate colours.
    LED is just a gimmick

    I have the 50vt20 and it's stunning I use sky 3d and a ps3 on the 3.50 fw for 3d blu rays it's a stunning tv but it does have some motion problems on sports but no crosstalk and is second to none IMO don't go LCD it's not in the same league

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    Thanks for the replies. Our current TV is a plasma, and we like it alot - I'm not at all keen on the LCD screens - as you say, they don't give the same picture quality ... just have to see how the money goes ... I've been quoted £2300 for the 50" and £1800 for the 42", but some say that 3D TV is not that good on anything less than 50" - any thoughts?
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