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Found 19th Nov 2008
I am looking for a good deal on a Panasonic Viera 42 inch. I have had a look around and there are quite a few out there, the only thing I notice they do not have any scart connections, don`t want to look like an idiot, but is this important. Thank


ive got one off these tvs. the scart connections are round the back. i got my tv a while ago. paid £1200 for it. i think john lewis were the cheapest, but i got my local panasonic store to match the price. got a five year warenty too for free. id imagine they are cheaper now......


Just find out the model number and check the specs online.

As far as the importance of the connections, thats obviously dependand on what you want to plug into it! (If you have only HDMI boxes and no scart ones - it would make no odds! However, I sincerely doubt they have models without at least 2 scart. My own Viera has 3 scart, component, 2 HDMI, s-video and composite.

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Thanks for the replies, I am considering buying either the TH-42PX700 or the TH-PZ85 does anyone have any suggestions, it looks like a mine-field out there.

I think all Panasonics still have SCARTS. Mine has two ports which is enough.

As for deals I got a PZ80B (42") for £708 with Free delivery and 5 yrs warranty from empiredirect but price matching against Laskys a few weeks ago.

It was £1200 in town, so you could say it was a slight bargain.

As for choosing a new TV.

The PZ80B is a great TV (1080P) but you can always shop around as you can't go wrong with the Panasonics . The only real competitor is Pioneer who are way more expensive and Sony's LCD's, which this year are very impressive. With OLED technology round the corner, you will see alot of bargains , but I think the PZ80 series are my favorite after searching for months and reading every review. Were looking at Samsung , but they just have the best looks , pitty about the picture (Series 7 are excellent though).

For anyone who buys a new TV, makes sure your device are configured the same as your TV or you may notice your picture isn't as good as it should be. With sky+ for example you need to change the TV aspect to 16:9 , and not 4:3 or the image will be pixelled etc.

At the end of the day its down to what you need it for (TV = Plasma, Gaming = LCD) and your price range. 1080p capability is good for larger Tv's for Blu-Ray\ HD-DVD only, so dont think it's some magical "must have" feature. Resolutions are confusing as well, as 1366x768 is standard LCD ratio, but plasma works completely differently as it's usually 1024x768. 1080P is 1920X1028 I think...............Shop online, price match , and get the warranty for free if you can.

Good luck.

best bet to aim for all the majors like currys/comit etc , hunt out over a couple of weeks every price possible taking notes and check regually any price alterations , if you spot some place offering one cheap then that day hunt around all other sites and stores to see if its lower then buy it , some places like currys can run managers specials for a single day so these are always worth checking out , sadly i missed out on a sony 40 inch lcd in my local currys , 500 on the day only and i didnt have the money on me

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Thanks to everyone who contributed. I have just bought the Panasonic Viera TH42PZ81B the picture far outweighed any of the others. Yes the stand and surround is basic compared to the Samsung which is lush, but I went for the picture quality. It was not cheap Tv plu 5 year waranty quad lead and installation came to £1254.99 but they did give me a voucher for £125.49, so with that I bought the Blue Ray box and they gave me 2 films. Bought off a local company Thomas Bros Llanelli, they have been trading since the Stone Age and trade only in Panasonic so to last this long selling one product, Panasonic must be good. They are coming tommorrow to set it all up for me. We might have paid extra but they offer a great service, and any problems they are only about a mile away.


As for deals I got a PZ80B (42") for £708 with Free delivery and 5 yrs … As for deals I got a PZ80B (42") for £708 with Free delivery and 5 yrs warranty from empiredirect but price matching against Laskys a few weeks ago. It was £1200 in town, so you could say it was a slight bargain.

can you explain how you did this?

they are the same price on both websites and laskys only offer a one year warranty.

any help much appreciated
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