Panasonic 42PX60B Plasma TV

    Whats the best deal at the moment with this plasma?
    I have seen the last deal on here, just wondering if any new vouchers are out there to get me a better deal.



    At dixons: ]Dixons

    For this: Some of the codes will work, e.g. tiscali199, the PERKZ50DIX and the nhs192 in that order give you the Panasonic TH42PX600 for £1619.76 including delivery ...instead of the £1705.01 marked price.

    With £162 cashback if you use an egg card thourhg the egg web page.


    Appears to be £1337.01 and that is before applying any discount codes or Quidco. I think Emma has a slightly different model, but all the same codes will apply.

    For TV searches I noticed somebody linking this site today, awesome.


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    Original Poster

    I am looking to purchase a Panasonic plamsa from Dixons.
    What discount codes can i use together.

    I have tried the 5% and tried to the £50 off over 500 but this dont seem to work
    Any ideas anyone or has anyone got anymore codes i can use


    Try putting the codes in different orders, they sometimes only work like that. But I have tried those two code together and they work ok. Which model are you going for and I'll check that out for you?

    Original Poster

    I am trying for the Panasonic PX60B with the stand. £1409

    Thank you

    Did you not check for replies in the other thread you started???


    That only seems to work with the tiscali199 and the nhs192 codes to get it for £1339.95.

    Original Poster

    I did check it
    I cant get the PERKZ50DIX code to work with the nhs192

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