Panasonic Blu Ray players; are these the same and are they any good?

    Can anyone advise please firstly are these the best option to go with a Panny plasma and secondly apart from £60 what's the difference between a BD60EB and a BD60EB-K


    Pretty sure they are both the same K meaning black and if you scroll
    down it does say its the EB-K as well.Also qualifies for 7 free Blu ray's…2Y4
    Print off the PDF and send it with the receipt (printed this off john lewis)as I only received
    the delivery note and also sent a photo of that to make sure.You have to send a self addressed
    padded A4 size envelope with £3.65 in stamps affixed for them to send the Blu ray's in, the cheek lol:-D

    note: Offer ends 2nd Jan 2010.
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