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    I bought a Panasonic microwave from John Lewis in December 2007. It was one that was featured on hotukdeals. Last week it packed up and our local elecrical shop looked at it and said the inverter had gone and that it was beyond economical repair. As it was only a couple of months outside of it's warrantee I thought I'd give John Lewis a ring. They couldn't help but suggested I ring Panasonic. I explained the situation and with no quibble at all they offered to repair it for me. They gave me 3 registered dealers to take it to. When I said that none of them were particularly close to me they said they would arrange to get it picked up from me. it is being collected today. You can't get better service than that. Hope this might save someone some money.
    Panasonic customer service number is 0844 844 3852


    Always nice to see a positive comment about a company. We love to knock but are slow to congratulate. I thought there was an EU policy that goods were covered for 2 years but invariably if a product fails even when not covered by a guarantee, a polite phonecall to the manufacturers can often resolve things. It's far cheaper for a company to replace your item than bear the cost of widespread negative publicity.


    . I thought there was an EU policy that goods were covered for 2 years .

    There is - but the UK opted out of that bit and left it as a year.....

    i had the same thing with toshiba a few years back, my dvd surround sound system burned out a cuircuit board just outside its warrenty so i phoned them up and they sent all the parts to a repair shop just down the road from me, touch wood its been fine since

    I thought John Lewis give an extra 1 year warranty on all electricals!?

    I know they gave me and extra year on the 1 year warranty of my Sony MP3 player.

    While I do think it is great how Panasonic have steped in and are now repairing the microwave free of charge, I do feel a bit miffed that John Lewis had the guts to send you away.
    If my microwave failed after less than 3 years I would dump it in front of their feet, telling them that it should have lasted longer - now go fix it or give me my money back.
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