Panasonic Digital Camera Tz3

    Would prefer Uk based company. Best Price I can find is about £225. Anyone find any better ?




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    cheers m8 but web promotion now only £50 and out of stock

    Pity you did not post last week as their was a code for the Comet site which gave you £15 off as I ended up getting the TZ3 from Comet for £213 with the code but it has finished and the camera is £228. I also got £7 via Quidco so ended paying around £206 for the camera which is a good price for an an amazing camera and hopefully get some good shots when I go to vegas next month

    If you have a Costco near you they stock them for £211 when they have them in as I was trying to get mine from their but the 2 stores in liverpool are sold out but awaiting stock which is due in around 17/7/07.

    Comet and Costco only stock the silver versions of the TZ3

    TZ3 Balck - £249.99 - order via collect at store for Curry's
    TZ3 Black - £249.99 - - currently waiting for stock
    TZ3 blue - £249.99 - - currently waiting for stock
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