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    I need a new compact digital camera (my old one has never really been the same since I dropped it!) so I'm looking for some advice.

    Additions have just sent me a code for 50% off clearance items which would give me the following choices:

    Panasonic Lumix FS7 £59.50
    Panasonic Lumix FS62 £54.50

    Does anybody know what the difference is between these models?

    Also, am i being unreasonably swayed by the Leica lenses? I'm an old-fashioned guy - I used to always go for Nikon or Canon SLRs (but haven't used the F2 or A! for years!) or Canon/Olympus for compacts. There is a Nikon S220 for a similar price - but I've never liked Nikon's cheaper offerings in the past. Anybody recommend Panasonic cameras or have a good reason to stay away?

    I haven't posted the code as a deal as Additions (and all other Littlewoods group) codes seem to be hated in this forum, though they've always worked for me - should I post anyway?


    if you can, try for the TZ6 or 7.. both the dogs wotsits.. lol :thumbsup:

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    if you can, try for the TZ6 or 7.. both the dogs wotsits.. lol :thumbsup:

    Yeah but both over £200. My budget is under £100!

    That's always been my problem with Nikon - their top-end gear is/was great but if you wanted a cheap SLR or a compact there are/were plent y of much better options. I've heard the TZ6/7 are really great, so if I buy a cheaper Lumix am I just paying for the name - am I better going to another manufacturer at this kind of price?

    Pre-digital era I'd've bought a S/H one (hence the Nikon F2). Also I had no kids back then so more money to spend on myself! Now I jut need a cheap(ish) point n shoot for holiday snaps.

    You could try the reviews on Steve's Digicams or Trusted Reviews, they should give you some good advice on what camera is your best option. Both seem to have optical image stabilisation which is what you want, gives you less noise on final images and usually means more detail too.

    Decent review of the FS62 here:…/p1

    Although the FS7 gets a better score for some things including image quality:…/p1

    Got the fs7 xmas time, paid £110.
    I would say get it.
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