Panasonic DMR-EZ27EB-K

    Any one know of any good deals on this dvd recorder? I am open to any suggestions of any other cheapies around. Thanks for your help.


    Dont waste your money on these things ,there rubbish . I have 4 standing idle , my first a Philips , second Panasonic es10 ,then a Panasonic es20 and a daewoo .They stop reading disks and give errors .I bought a Liteon [All Write] DVD recorder with a HDD and it's really good .Never had any problems with it.

    Ignore that foolish person!

    Panasonic DVD recorders are acknowledged to be among the finest.

    For confirmation, read the Forums on :thumbsup:

    Who's the clown above ? Bet he does'nt even own nor used one.

    I'm not the only one with the same sentiments on DVD recorders.
    A chap I know put all his camcorder footage onto DVD's & RAM disks and there now unreadable .
    It is a known fact that DVD's alone are not a proven method of long term storage.
    He said he would NEVER buy another standalone DVD recorder . I have 4 gathering dust .........that
    alone proves theres somthing it in .
    Panasonic technology may the best , I've had a Panny TH37 plama for about 6 years , quality's good
    now as it was when I bought it . Still does'nt alter the fact ,theres something about the home DVD
    recorder just doesn't meet the mark .


    Hi there, the EZ27 is an old model Iit was replaced by the EZ28 a while back. hope that helps a little and again I think they are good but with all things some people like and others dislike it all comes down to personal preference and past experiences. I would say that Panasonic is a good make with good service backup... how do i know???? I run a TV repair company who are also Panasonic Authorised repair centre.
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