PANASONIC from M&S - free oil delivery

    Recieved my 42" Panasonic Plasma today, guy arrived to install it, all part of the deal.
    He arrived in a clapped out van, similar to Del Boy Trotters only it had 4 wheels (and was white).
    Basically, he assembled it, tuned it and took the packaging away.
    After he went, wifey noticed 3 great big oil leaks from his van on our newly laid paved driveway.
    She managed to get most of it away - I'll know better tomorrow.

    To top matters off, when I got home from work, I notice there is a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen.

    I have called M&S, but still waiting on resolution.

    What should be my plan of attack ?


    Phone em in the morning and give em a good ole fashioned passionate ass whooping.

    Take some photos of yer drive as well.

    Unless m&s have a dead pixel policy, I think you have to have 3 dead pixels before its classed as faulty. So the dead pixel thing you are gonna waste your time arguing unless m&s are really nice people.
    The oil leak, I would have taken a picture before cleaning it up, they may give you some vouchers??
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