Found 17th Jun 2009
I was this close to getting the Sony A200, then I learned that it doesn't have Live View, which I would definitely prefer. I also found out that the Olympus E420, which does have Live View, unfortunately doesn't even have Anti Shake, also something that I would prefer. So I've been looking and I do really like the look of this Panasonic, the reviews have been very good, it has a 3.0" screen with Live View (perfect) and is also available in red (very nice lol), but sadly no video recording, so I was wondering where I can get this cheapest, in red. I will give rep for cheap deals on the camera as well as recommended alternatives, possibly one similarly priced with video recording, but if not then I would like to know where I can get this cheapest, thanks for you help!!
If you have alternative suggestions, just so you know, the things I am looking for include
+A 2.7"+ screen (preferably as big as possible) with Live View and preferabley flexible
+Decent bundled lens
+Video recording (only if possible)
Thanks people

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