Panasonic G10 wont Auto Switch!?

    hello all, there is a setup as follows Panasonic G10 plasma tv with the following connected

    AV1 = cable box
    AV2 = DVD/VCR combi

    HDMI1 = Home theatre

    the problem:

    when you turn the tv on it switches on to freesat and not AV1 so what is the solution to enable it to auto switch to AV1

    anyone have a clue some advice appreciated!


    There is an option, if you go to Menu->Setup->Other Settings->Power On Preference, you can select whether it starts up to TV or AV. Never tried it, and don't know if it requries a signal from the AV source before it will start up to it...

    Thanks for this. This has worked on my new panasonic plasma telly but I make sure the sky box is on first (AV1).
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