panasonic hoover


    Dont know model no but think its mc5 something. Its white and has 1900 motor. Fancy filter not required.

    Had these a few years and they are basic and seem yto do better joib than some others.
    Any ideas where best deal is right now?


    You will find a lot for free in your local dump.....Try Miele

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that considered response, You must have stretched your mind to come up with that. What insight you have. Of course we can all afford Miele and the like cant we.

    To confirm to anyone else, The hoover suits my needs. I have used them in 'rented' accomodation very well for 10 years plus. They last long enough considering their cheap price and have out performed many expensive models i have purchased before. I dont wish to chance paying for something i dont need to no suggestions for 'rolls royce' hoovers needed thanks. :w00t:

    Not at all thanks for accepting my considered response
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