Panasonic led smart tv blank screen

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My 50" Panasonic smart LED TV would not switch on tonight, purchased from b&m in 2013 at £499. Has worked perfect till tonight and a really nice display when working, I turned it on as normal and the led flashed green for 2 seconds as normal, the screen flashes for a split second and you can just about make out the smart app screen, but then it goes back into standby mode and the led light blinks red continuously. Any ideas?
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I had a sony that did that too. It was something to do with the circuit board but it was too old to bother repairing.
hold the red power button on your remote for 5 seconds to turn on then again to turn off this should reset your tv to rule out software issues
Pull out all hdmi and anything else. Pull mains plug for 20 seconds. Now switch on with nothing plugged in. Press menu button and can you navigate the settings with a picture? If you can you may have faulty hdmi lead that's shorting out. If you can't get a picture in menu then tv has died. RIP tv.. Lots of cheap tvs listed here. I'm in similar position as my panosonic cinema system has died so need to replace. That's 7 years old. That's life and modern electronics. Still for £300 ish you can replace
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