Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20

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Found 31st Jan 2006

I am hunting for a decent deal in super-zoom digital cameras, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 seems to be right balance between manual and auto options, 12x optical zoom is cool too.

cheapest so far is Pixmania - £295 without delivery

John Lewis has it for £195.95, but it's out of stock on-line and also in Sheffield branch

alternative could be Fuji Finepix 5600 but that hasn't got image stabilizer (£197.95 in purelygadgets)



FZ7 was announced last week as successor to the excellent FZ5, shipping March, has manual focus.

Definitely worth a look, if you can bear the wait...

FZ7 will cost close to £300, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. To be honest, personally I'd get FZ20 if you can find it under £200, alternatively look for Fuji S5100/S5500 - look at the official FUJI UK website - in the refurb store it's only £150. That's a steal!

Fz20/FZ5 would be my choice for a 12x zoom digital. The Canon S2 would also be up there, but it's too expensive in comparison.

If you can get the FZ20 for £195 you've got a bargain. Jessops were doing them for £199 at Xmas but they went very fast. If you don't like it you can always sell it on Ebay for a nice profit.

As pitshanger said, the FZ7 is coming out in March and will I guess be around £300. This should hopefully drop the price of the F5 which is at present approx. £230 at Pixmania. The FZ5 has got most of the same features of the the FZ20 but is a lot smaller.

Agreed the FZ20 is a steal at < £200. As jbp says, it is big and heavy compared to the FZ5/7, not so easy on the pocket in that respect.

FZ7 US RRP is $399.95, putting the UK RRP around £300. Street pricing for FZ7 might be similar to FZ5 now, even at launch. All wild speculation / wishful thinking of course...

"The FZ5 has got most of the same features of the the FZ20 but is a lot smaller."

Features maybe yes, but the biggest difference is in the quality of the lens. It really does make a hell lot of difference.
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