Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

    hi all
    i am looking to buy this camera
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

    any advice on any deals out there for it


    I used to have the DMC-FZ7 and it was a poor camera, didn't perform very well in low lights at all... even in really sunny conditions it suffered from digital noise. I have since sold it and moved over to an Digital SLR...

    Depending on how many photos you take I would recomend going the whole hog and go DSLR!!!

    Just my 1p...


    To be fair, the Panasonic does get a good review for a superzoom:…tml

    It still won't deliver as good pictures as a proper DSLR though simply because the sensor is smaller.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys
    it would be my first camera like this so i read all reviews and it does seem good
    i dont want something that is to hard for me haha

    The Panasonic is quite advanced and would actually take you quite a while to learn all of its features.

    The reason that a DSLR would give better pictures comes down mainly to the sensor size.
    On the Panasonic your sensor is 6.13x4.60mm or 0.28 squared cm.
    On a DSLR you are looking at about 23.5x15.5mm or 3.64 squared cm.
    That is over 10 times the size of sensor that light is falling onto so the individual pixels are much larger.
    A cheap Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax or Olympus DSLR may have fewer pixels, but each one is much larger so you will end up with a clearer, cleaner picture.

    Any of the cheapest DSLRs would be really easy to use to start with. They all have a simple auto mode - just point and shoot. The difference is that they will be more capable of going further if you are interested in taking it up more seriously.

    Ask around and see if any of your friends has a DSLR that you could borrow for a weekend. Once you've tried one and seen the results I think you will be impressed enough to want one!
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