PANASONIC M10 vintage Video Camera

Found 22nd Jan 2014
I have an elderly relative who has a Panasonic M10 Camcorder, there is a VHS tape stuck inside that he needs to get out as it holds memories.... REASON FOR THE POST IS THAT HE HAS LOST THE AC ADAPTOR, AND BATTERY, THEREFORE CANNOT EJECT IT, wondering if anyone has a charger or battery for this to sell, or any ideas how to get the tape out without power? Any ideas gratefully received thank you.
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Should be easy enough to sort out a charger. It should tell you on the camera what the voltage/current/polarity are. Use that info to source a replacement charger.
Thank you for your response, just hoping someone who has this particular camcorder that is either broken or no longer uses anymore would consider selling the charger, battery combination.... It is a very retro camcorder and no doubt is sat in someone's attic gathering dust, but for my relative is the only way that they can eject the tape
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