Panasonic PX70 plasma

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking to the above TV. Where is the cheapest/best place to get it from. It either needs to come with the cab, or the ped stand and a nice looking tv stand.

    I've seen it for £862 at Empire Direct.
    I have a John Lewis store nearby if a price match is a possibility.



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    Dixons do it for £780 with pedestal and richer sounds do it for £799 with pedestal. Personally i like Richersounds customer service but that only my personal opion.
    the px70 is a fantastic tv i have one and paid £900 when i came out at first

    I bought mine from Empire Direct because of their 5 year warranty. It might be worth holding out for a discount voucher though - we are about due one...

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    Excellent thanks guys. Will see if a voucher pops up anytime soon.

    Get John Lewis to Pricematch Empire Direct. That's what I did for my PX60, and the Customer Service was fantastic, and you also get the 5-year JL Warranty as well.

    amazon do it for £779 inc free delivery - dont buy from Pixmania at the lower price

    no stand though!…8-1

    I'm after one too, just not sure if I'm going to bother paying the extra fora 5 year waranty...

    If your able to wall mount it (mounts are fairly cheap) then you can get it for less than ]£699.99 at Dixons.

    -£25 SAVE25 code
    -3% for Quidco
    -3% for Egg Card (if you have one)

    Should come in around £635-£640 (with above discounts)
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