Panasonic SC-PT460EB 1000W Home Cinema System Vrs Logitech Z-5500 ?

    little advice needed

    im hoping to hook up my PC (if its do-able through the panasonic) / TV / PS3

    panasonic = £135 Logitech = £170

    iv just ordered the logitech but cancel that order

    so then, which do you think is better and why ? (images/links to follow)


    Lol the description for the panny on dixons website is so funny
    Optical Link - Better quality connection (than? HDMI? components? tin can and piece of string?)
    Dolby Prologic II - Better sound quality (than the optical link above? my granny pants?)
    Plus peak power means next to nothing in terms of useful numbers. its only for marketing people to make the item more attractive (well theoetically it has some significance but not enough to be in the real practical life)

    but in all seriousness, lets look at it from ur specific set up you would want to do. The functions on the panny is far greater than the Z5500. On the latter, most of the functions of the DVD cinema system is pretty much what you get from your PS3/PC. So if your ps3/pc is close enough to your tv anyway there isnt any point of that many functions what your needing to get. Which leads me to the point of quality. Im assuming (because the panny unit is cheaper plus has more functions) the sound quality will not be as good as the Z5500. I've had a play with the z5500 @ PC world and it sounded quite nice. but didnt really find it that special.. maybe because it was the lack of display effort into the speakers @ PC world.. Dunno.

    (Depending on size of room) Have to tried the Bose companion 3's? they're only 2.1's but they have lovely sound. @ £200 from PC world im sure theres a better deal somewhere, which will meet ur sort of price range.

    Im in the similar situation as you, but i've decided i'd want something more PC speakers orientated rather than living room speakers style. But saying that, have you considered dedicated speaker/amp systems? I dont know any budget ones tho.. if you do give us a shout! HTH

    The logitech system is a powerhouse, but the sub is ENORMOUS and you may want to google an independant review (not the biased ebuyer ones) regarding the magnetic shielding on the sub . . . .

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    thanks for your thoughts =)

    rep for all
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