Panasonic SCHT520 multi-region best price?

Found 18th Feb 2005
hi peeps

so far richersounds are the best for the following multi-region all in one home cinema kit; they have it at £169

ws4.richersounds.com/sho…520 Panasonic SCHT520 multi-region

anyone know of anywhere that can better it?

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I haven't looked around at all, but have you checked if John Lewis carry the same model? They should price match to Richer Sounds and you will get the better John Lewis warranty.
You can get it from LX Direct for £165.29 with VAT/shipping after using the 15% off code in the vouchers section (green tab at top of every page).
cheers, doesn't say whether the lx direct one is multi-region or not? the trouble with the panasonics is that they have to be chipped, you can't use a remote hack lots of sites are only selling the region 2 model and i have really need multi-region.
Hmmm I have no idea, you'd have to phone LX Direct I guess? You'd think they would have a special model number for the multi-region ones hey? If that doesn't work out my next best idea is to check with John Lewis if they have the same model.

edit: Also there's a £10 off £50 code for John Lewis online so I don't know if you could price match in store and then apply the £10 off code too.....
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