Panasonic sound bar missing cable

    I have the above and there are 2 cables that go into the back of the sound bar but I can only find one. One has a red plastic bit at the end and the missing one white.

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the cable is so I can try buy another please.


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    This is the product I have…htm?CMPID=GS001&_$ja=cgid:12488203010%7Ctsid:59158%7Ccid:200217410%7Clid:104046223970%7Cnw:g%7Ccrid:49887874970%7Crnd:11491858000045975497%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o1%7Cbku:1


    Sounds like phono cables - also known as RCA cables
    can get them in any electrical shop

    edit - that pic shows cheap rubbish ones - usually there is a full cylindrical rim - not the 4 lugs

    better quality ones:

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    Normally red and white are used for RCA connectors but the Argos website makes no mention of them and the Panasonic site for the SC-HTB20 says it doesn't have them.

    The only connections it appears to have are HDMI (a wide flat connector) and Optical S/PDIF (a roughly square/circular connector).

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    No it's not them - it's a flat headed cable - have taken a picture and trying to upload it

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    Am at my friends house as I was giving this to her but need that cable!

    On the specs these are the only connections.
    AV inputs
    - HDMI x 1
    - Optical x 2
    AV outputs
    - HDMI x 1
    - ARC (Audio Return Channel)

    I presume they are the cables for the sub?

    Whats the other end connected to?

    That looks like it might just be speaker cable

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    The other end goes into the sound bar and is two metal wires


    The other end goes into the sound bar and is two metal wires

    So do you have a wire going to the Sub unit? Or is that what's missing?

    You need to clean that fan out mate or it will pack in.

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    Teezgaff if u look at that picture - where the red end wire fits in there is a space next to it where an identical wire clicks in and it's White and both wires have 2 wire ends that fits into the sound bar

    That looks like a specific fitting, you won't find that at a Maplins or hi-fi shop. Have you looked on the manufacturers website?

    Yeah they're certainly not standard. Panasonic have a great Customer Service team.
    0300 330 4653
    See if they can help you.

    What does the male part of the connection look like are you able to make your own using any shop bought connections and speaker wire

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    Thanks so much for all the help here
    Ding the other end of the cable looks like this…ale

    The right hand side of the pic

    I'm getting confused here..
    What's the picture of above?
    You say that wire goes to the Soundbar (so it's a speaker wire going from what to your bar?)
    How is the Sub connected to the Soundbar? Is it wireless or physical connection?

    If you're giving it to your friend can't you just plug an optical cable into their TV then to Sound bar?
    If they have a recent Panasonic TV you can connect via HDMI and use the ARC function

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    Sorry folks for the delay. I got my cable eventually - I was in Glasgow getting it and we were just around the corner from where the horrific bin lorry incident happened and we heard all the commotion - it was just awful.

    This was the cable I needed…AIT
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