panasonic th46pz8b ???? £550 a good deal?

Hi i was just wondering if anyone has this tv?
is it any good?

i'd originally ordered the th42px80b for £450, but it went out of stock after my 12 month free finance agreement was set up, so they offered me the th46pz8b instead fro £550 delivered.

Think this is a good deal, but i know its an older model, having said that it is 1080p and an extra 4inches can be bad!


Wheres this at mate? Sounds good to me! We need to replace a cracked 42" Aquos when the insurance send the cheque to us.

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Its dixons, its on their website for £879:w00t:
Cheapest i can find it is £799 in comet, so i think i've probably got a good deal!;-)

The PZ is a newer model than the PX.. I have a 46" PZ85 and it is cracking. I teamed it up with Sky HD and a Blu Ray player for maximum effect. Grab this deal with both arms! I paid £1200 for this TV in October (with a 5 year warranty). Apart from the Pioneer Range of Plasmas, this is one of the best plasmas out there. Do you know if it is the 80, 81 or 85 on this deal? Love to know where this is from, I'd be tempted to recommend to a few friends.

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its the th46pz8b i think its an older model…723

The PZ8B was the first of the 1080p full HD TVs, it's not that old, but a wee bit older than the PZ81 and 85. Still a lovely TV, you won't be disappointed. Just make sure you are viewing at least 1.5 metres away. It took me a while to get used to the size and now I sit about 2 metres from the TV which is ideal for a TV this size. I also invested in a Playstation 3 and the graphics are just excellent. If you can invest in (if you haven't already) a HDMI DVD player). No need to buy an expensive HDMI cable - a cheap one will do and this will upscale all your DVDs.

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many thanks, have an upscaling samsung home cinema system, so looking forward to trying this out!
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