Panasonic TX42G20 Keeps Switching itself off and on again!

Found 4th Oct 2012
As it says in the title! It's nearly 2 years old so not under warranty. I've just restored to Shipping Conditions in the hope it solves the problem.

Anyone else experienced this? It only started today but is switching off every few minutes.
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Although i have a Samsung.

Somebody else has asked before. So could be a common fault.
Yes thanks, I did see it was a common fault by Googling but as I bought it from a Hot Deal on here I thought I'd ask to see if anyone else found they'd had the same problem and/or found a solution

I would contact Panasonic, and mention the sale of goods act and get them to fix it for free. TV's are expected to last more than two years.
Hi, If you have no luck with any of the firmware actions you take. Then there is a problem with lots of TV's that comes from poor quality capacitors. If you take the back off with great care as to not create a static charge and damage the boards. Then look to see if the top ends of all the capacitors are intact. If there if the a problem then you with find one which is at least bulging. I had this problem on an LG 29" lcd and it cost me £1.50 and several hours of careful de-soldering and soldering to save the TV and it is still working fine now over 2 years later.
Shouldn't have bought a PANTSasonic

Shouldn't have bought a PANTSasonic

And you'd recommend what a Soya Brave or a Samsang Karaoke.

Panasonic make very good TVs with consistency.

OP contact Panasonic and see what they say? Do not go in all guns blazing, they may offer some kind of mutual resolution.
Thanks, will ring them again on Monday as I restored factory settings (factory conditions) and it was fine and now has started switching itself off and on again.
Okay, rung them, they don't want to know - just keep saying that I should have taken out the extended warranty but I asked him if he would expect to buy a Panasonic TV and it not last 2 years?! he couldn't answer but you could tell he knew exactly what I meant!!! I've emailed a complaint but am very sure I'm wasting my time - grrrrr
If it has an inherent fault that has been reported by other users, then Panasonic has a duty to help you.

Point Panasonic to the other user's comments reporting the same fault.

Shouldn't have bought a PANTSasonic


Panasonic make some of the best TVs on the market


Panasonic make some of the best TVs on the market

They do, but they are not perfect by any means.

They do, but they are not perfect by any means.

I don't think there's such thing as a 'perfect' tv - Kuro was perhaps getting there. All TVs will come with some sort of problem, manufacturing is not necessarily a 'perfect' science, but Panasonic is far from 'pants'. My 3 year old Panasonic plasma is miles away better than most current models from anyone other than Sony and Samsung, it would probably still be better than some of those also.
Now now!.. Not every tv produced nowadays is crap because a member has reported a fault on here. Ive had a Toshiba LCD for the last 7 years and Panasonic Plasma for the last 3..with nothing wrong whatsoever. Dont sl*g** a brand name just for a individual fault and just thank yourself we are no longer in the days of CRT - all that gave us was crap screen calibrations and buzzing 100hertz motors..
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