Panasonic TZ5 or TZ7? Advice and thoughts please....

    I am considering purchasing a new camera - impressed with the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 and know there is an upgraded version TZ7 now on the market. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts about whether the TZ7 was worth spending the extra cash on (not really sure on what this model does extra apart from the x12 zoom and extra magapixel) or to go for the TZ5? Any comment welcome.... thanks.


    Can really recommend the tz5, takes lovely clear realistic photo's this was the best camera for (£200 mark), very good optical zoom ect. never seen the tz7 in action so unable to recommend.

    What's the current price difference? The TZ7 goes slightly wider (can squeeze more into a shot) at 25mm vs 28mm although that's not much of a difference, it also has a 720p HD mode.


    TZ7, it replaced the TZ5 i believe (the newer model?)

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    Price difference is about £100+ Anyone seen any good deals on these cameras? Thanks

    If your talking £100 difference then TZ5. TZ7 if
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