Panasonic unveils a second Freesat/HDD Blu-ray recorder DMR-BS850 & DMR-BS750

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Found 26th Feb 2009
Think I will wait for this to get launched now rather than get the Humax Foxsat Freesat HD Recorder what is everyone else's opinion…er/

There will in fact be two models available in the UK, the DMR-BS850 with 500GB hard drive, and the DMR-BS750 with 250GB capacity.


Very tempting, looking at getting freesat soon so will hold off a little longer, hopefully see some more images in the near future

Prob cost about £500.

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Prob cost about £500.

Well - given that a freesat box on its own is 150, a freesat box with HDD is abuot 250+ and a middle-line Panasonic BluRay is 180, i reckon hanging out for an all in one is about right as long as price hits 500 or lower.

Myself - i just kitted up with a BD35(which is a superb player BTW - top quality) - and a cheaper freesat box. But if i knew this was coming would have gone the all in one route as you end up having no shelf space and too much power usage and such with multiple boxes.

Whats not to like? assuming reviews come thru ok. But panasonic know their kit and spend a lot on R&D.

This one has been waited for almost as much as the Humax freesat PVR... gotta be a winner even at that price.

They are out at around £850 and £950 for each one. Anyone seen them cheaper?
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