Panasonix TX32LXD70 or Samsung LE32R87BD

    I am unable to go to a TV showroom to see these TVs, but am pretty sure that I am going to take the plunge and get one of them.

    John Lewis are price matching the Panasonic TX32LXD70 for £599 and the Samsung LE32R87BD for £519 and I'm happy to pay either price but want to know which one is better. I know the Samsung has an extra HDMI, but other than that they sound pretty much the same, but anyone who has TV knowledge or owns the TVs do you have any recommendations? Things like ease of use, the digital TV guide, decent controller, picture quality on analogue and digital, sound quality.

    The standard JL price for the Panasonic is £799 and the Samsung £649. This seems to imply the Panasonic is better, but I have no idea and need a bit of help please.


    you can get the samsung for around about 450 maybe even cheaper
    but you got to watch out that you dont get one with the ****** panels

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    I looked around, but I'm...well...paranoid, so sticking to the safety of John Lewis's 5 year guarantee.

    What do you mean about rubbish panels? Are some manufactured differently to others and how can I make sure I get a good one if I choose it over the Panasonic?

    some samungs have panels made by diff manufacturers in them and some have samsung panels its a bit of a lotto but you can tell what you get by the letters at the end of the serial number ill find out for you

    heres and comparison of prices



    The Panasonic is the better tv - has many good reviews and is a higher specification than the Samsung (has 100hz which is supposed to reduce motion blur). If moneys not important get the Panasonic..........

    £519 for the Samsung is a poor price but £599 for the Panasonic is excellent - I'd bite their hand off.

    Who did you price match with for the Panasonic?

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    The panasonic was price matched with Richer Sounds.
    I got a letter within 3 days of sending off an email asking them with details such as your address, email, what tv and where you found it cheaper and the reply letter says to take it into the store and they will price match it.
    I forgot about the 100hz thing, ok, my mind is made up, the Panasonic it shall be, and thanks for all the help and the samsung warnings about dodgy panels, it would be rubbish to spend all that and be disappointed.

    You're lucky to get it for £599 - JL sometimes addon the Richer Sounds £69 delivery charge.
    Someone on the AV forums are saying they just got it for £549....…603


    You're lucky to get it for £599 - JL sometimes addon the Richer Sounds … You're lucky to get it for £599 - JL sometimes addon the Richer Sounds £69 delivery charge.Someone on the AV forums are saying they just got it for £549....

    I got the LXD70 around 3 weeks ago for £599 from JL (matched with Empire Direct) and it's fantastic so far. The analogue tuner is fine (better than the CRT I had before), and the freeview is also very impressive. Sky (non-HD) through SCART is good (though obviously only as good as the quality of the signal going in), but the Xbox360 via component at 720 is excellent (haven't tried 1080 as 720 was great for me), and better still is the PC VGA input for my Vostro 200, automatically picks out XGA 60hz and looks perfect.

    I almost got that Samsung, i'm very glad I paid a little extra for the 100hz top quality tv.

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    That's useful to know, thanks. I think I'll be using a mixture of analogue and freeview as in my area we only get reception for certain freeview channels, but probably going to get sky in the future so want it suitable for all of these, and my wii.

    I think I didn't have the £69 Richer Sounds delivery charge added on as I mentioned in my price matching request email there was a Richer Sounds store close to the John Lewis store.

    I bet the person who got it for £549 asked for JL to beat Richer Sounds rather than to match it, I was stupid enough to just ask them to match it. Ah well, I think with the 5 year guarantee it's a fair deal. I hope they have them in stock!

    I don't know who wrote about it on the forum but I would just like to say a BIG thanks re the price match of this TV with John Lewis.He said that the price in Cheadle was £599 and it was £799 in John Lewis stores and they have to match the lower price,so I rang up my local John Lewis and told them about this;they checked and rang me back to confirm.I am now the owner of this TV with a 5 year guarantee for £599.I did a lot of research into this TV and it got great reviews-It may not be the cheapest but it is amazing in every way.I have no hesitation in recommending this TV.

    panasonic has a much better tuner, even for digital freeview, than samsung.
    if you are living in London, i advise you go to the ASK at TCR. They show every LCD on the market there, usually showing the SkySportsNews. You can easily spot the tuner quality dfiference when looking at the edge of black suit and the dark background.
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