Pancakes for tea

    Had a bit of tinned sweetcorn left, so thought I'd make sweetcorn, ham and cheese pancakes with chilli beef (con carne) for tea. Really nice combo should give it a try. What unusual dishes you guys come up with, with the left overs in the cupboard/fridge?


    Its pancake day tomorrow isnt it?


    Its pancake day tomorrow isnt it?

    It's the 8th March
    I had pancakes this evening haha!

    I'll give that a miss if thats ok

    Original Poster

    OK pancake in the sense that it contains similar ingredients, but they were savoury.


    It's the 8th March I had pancakes this evening haha!

    Loooooooooooool just text the mother to have me some pancakes ready for tomorrow night muwahahahahah!!

    Nice cheap curry is made by knocking up a curry sauce with lots of onions and throw a can of pilchards into it....its a very tasty fish curry

    Oh, take the pilchards out of the can first...
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