Posted 28th Nov
Purchased a ring yesterday for £150 . Today i find out I can get 20% off saving me £30 Phoned pandora shop in Glasgow and was told I need to return the ring so as to get my £150 back as a return then purchase a new ring for the 20% off !!!
I asked can i not just come into the shop and do a paper exercise and let the lady keep wearing the ring I purchased for her Birthday yesterday !!!

No they want the ring back lol

Never again will I deal with this outlet.
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Nice story
Why? They haven’t done anything wrong, they are letting you return a product you already bought in order to give you a full refund and let you buy it again for 20% cheaper, that seems very reasonable IMHO.
4 years and 2 posts, if you spend money their like you use this site I doubt they will miss you. Go in buy the same one again and then take it back with the other receipt either to the same shops in the city.
Cool story bro
Bangin' post. Where's the mute button?
Thanks for sharing.

I’ll still use them if that’s okay with everyone else?
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TheAppleGeezer28/11/2019 20:25

Thanks for sharing.I’ll still use them if that’s okay with everyone else?

Ask OP before you do mate
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