Pandora battery updating to 3.80 m33-5

Found 31st Jan 2008
I have a Pandora battery and it has 3.71 m33-4 on the memory card so my psps are currenty on that firmware. im trying to put the 3.80 m33-5 update on the pandora memory card but not sure if i can just copy eboot.pbp from the new 3.80 m33-5 to the psp/game/update on the pandora memory card?

Is it that simple and then when i use the pandora battery/memory card it will update my psps to the new 3.80 etc?

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for just the psp one-off -
you need to update to 3.80 m33 first (copy the whole folder (already named UPDATE) to psp/game. Add 3.8 sony update to the folder as well, but rename it to 380.PBP. Then run it.
Then, you just go 3.80 m33-5 (copy the folder to game again, no need for 3.8 sony update, and then run it)

Don't think that what you are doing will work. Use the desparmentario v4 thing and follow those instructions to fully initiate all to 3.80
now im more confused lol but thanks for replying i was hoping i could just update the files on my pandora memory card :>)
You cant "just update the files" as they are illegal to host (although you "might" find them on a torrent site.
Easiest thing to do is go to [url][/url] and download Despertar del Cementario v4, along with the 3.80 eboot from psp-hacks or somewhere.
Now with the desp cem v4 you just follow the instructions in the read me, i.e you put the 1.50, 3.50 and 3.80 eboots at the root of your MS (just l;ike you did with the 3.71 version) go to the XMB, run the desp cem v4 firmware creator (or whatever he has called it this time) and when it is done the MS will have the new version of instalation files on it.
Hope that helps, if you need anything else give me a shout,

Thanks for your reply's Artonox and Mikebeaver ill have a play now.
Just like tp point out that m33 3.90 is now out!!!!

what are the echancements from 3.71 ? Worth updating ?
still trying will let u know if i sort it ....
ok im now stuck on this bit

"With the PSP still connected to your psp open a dos box (run and change directory to where your msipl.bin and msinst.exe ar eon your HDD.
Now write the msipl.bin to your memory stick using following command msinst.exe YourPSPDriveLetter msipl.bin"

Every time i type (in windows vista) in the dos box
msinst.exe f msipl
I get the message
PSP MS IPL Installer
Load IPL code f
Can't open f

Or if i try msinst.exe f:msipl i get
PSP MS IPL Installer
Load IPL code f:\msipl.bin
241664 bytes(59 block) readed
Scan Media
Drive 0:Non RemovableMedia
Drive 1:RemovableMedia
Connect target MsProDuo
Drive 1:Removed

and it just hangs until i press the circle to disconnect the usb this is happening on winxp and vista?

Any ideas as im nearly there :>)

Forgot to add i tried coping my original msipl.bin from my pandora 3.71m33-5 but all i get then is a green power led but no hd activity on the psp and nothing on the screen when i insert the pandora battery.
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