Pandora Charms

    Does any one know a well priced place to buy pandora charms?

    I've seen dodgy looking places on ebay etc. but would obviously pay for the real thing (although i doubt anyone can tell the difference!)

    Ideally online or around the southeasy area.

    Thanks in advance


    They sometimes have a sale at but rarely, The website above is clearly fake beads but that might be what you want?

    I personally use as they have a wonderful eco ethic and bend backwards to help in any way they can. Great company.


    you could try here

    Not convinced this site is selling genuine pandora charms, no adress or telephone numbers in the contact us page and the " about us page" states they sell ugg boots ???

    You can definatley tell the difference between genuine and fake pandora charms

    try here for genuine ones…wjw


    this is the worst online store i have ever dealt with.
    1. the price shown is nothing like the one actually paid (tax, insurance, shipping &EXCHANGE RATE & BANK CHARGE FOR FOREIGN TRANSACTION!!! - £34 shown...£54 paid- this is not evident until paynment commitment has been made - BEWARE!!!)
    2. stuff comes direct from china (eventually - haven't even received it yet)
    3.NO comunication response from seller to any of my 4 e-mails.
    4. took 4 days to process the order. 2 more days to despatch it ...and i dread to think how long it will take to get here.
    5. Can't say as yet if the stuff is genuine or not as I haven't recieved it.

    On the plus side - you can track the shipment online...although this is tantamount to chineese torture as it just highlights the snail pace inactivity of the transport company.

    DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!

    well is not located at the UK.
    they are in china and I did order from them still waiting for it,dont know if I will get the items.
    they do not replay my emails,and it was a mistake to use credit card,but I thought they are a UK company.

    iihave got 6 pandora charms with/without bracelet for sale (which are all genuine and stamped) if you are interested

    same here! have not yet ent my items from over 2 week ago, they never reply to emails and all i have is order number, not tracking number. has anyone actually received goods from this website?, hope ive not been scammed- do not use this site!!

    I was bought a bracelet and beads from for christmas, im pretty sure theyre not selling genuine items, although 1 of the beads does seem genuine and so do some of the silver charms.

    We also had a lack of correspondence via email, but sounds like we were lucky that they arrived. Im guessing its not going to be easy to get a refund even though 'customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!,Our goal is to keep a close and personal relationship with our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, Your enquiry will be answered within 12-24 hours' haha... i really dont think so!!!

    To tell between real/fake Pandora Charms, check if they have:
    "ALE925" for silver items; or
    "ALE858" for gold items.

    Only specific retailers are authorised to sell authentic pandora jewellery, ebay deffo isn't one of them.
    Authorised ones i can think of are:;;;;;;
    and obviously the official website.

    Hope this helps

    My husband ordered pandora charms and a necklace from this site, we did receive it in plenty of time for christmas but as soon as I opened it I new it was fake, have taken the jewellery to a pandora specialist and they have no doubts that it is all fake. Will we get our money back I dont think so we have sent e-mails but they dont reply I think we have been had. If your going to buy go to Ernst Jones or John Creed you wont be ripped off there.
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