PANDORA e-store does anyone know if the Pandora e-store is Genuine Pandora charms etc

    Just wanting to know if anyone knows if the Pandora e-store is genuine Pandora stockists has anyone bought from them before thanks in advance :-)


    I havent ordered from there, but is referenced on pandoras Facebook page and correct domain..

    Yes it is. I was looking for a bracelet which I saw in USA when I described it the lady said it was last season and to look on the pandora estore as that was for products that were no longer classed as current season
    Edited by: "chunky_ass" 29th Oct 2016 is their only official direct online store i was, told hope this helps

    Yes it is. I have ordered from them and items can be exchanged in a Pandora store if not suitable

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    Thanks for all the replies :-)

    I asked the same question 3 days ago about this or a similar site. Googled official Pandora stockists and Pandora e store was one of them. Ordered from them but was concerned when a non sterling transaction fee showed up on my bank statement. If you scroll down to the end of the home page does the site them show as Pandora outlet uk. If so avoid as the Pandora head office has confirmed that this site is fake. Avoid. Now going through a charge back process.
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