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Found 1st Apr 2017
anyone used the above site. the prices seem too good to be true or are the items fake?…rms
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You've probably answered your own question already.
No contact details either. Alarms bells should be ringing.
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Three or four times a week a new member posts a link to this site at about two in the morning. It never makes it to day break without being removed. It is fake. I was in our local Pandora shop last week buying a present and they had none of these charms. Steer clear
You can tell its fake, look at the first picture.... No one that sells Pandora would use a box that looks so dirty.
This is a genuine fake site. It is a poor effort but no doubt there will be some people caught out by it. It is a pity that we cannot overload their site with enquiries so that it goes down.
Hmmm.... i thought i was buying charms here!

12.Q: Are your items all authentic?
A: Again, We buy overstocks, closeouts, overuns from overseas factories and authorized dealers that say and give us legal invoices that all goods are authentic,however for legal reasons we must say that some goods can and are factory variants.Only by this,you can enjoy the perfect north face jackets,making more profit but nice discount price and enjoying free shipping.
Does it matter if they're fake as long as they look ok and they get delivered ?
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