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    tbh if you dont have gta unpatched, I don't think there is another way. 3.03 is fairly close to the pandora gen. You might as well invest a fiver or something on the pandora battery if you dont wanna mess things up and make the pandora stick yourself.

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    thanks for that, rep given, is there any way to revert a pandora battery back ?

    yes as long as you backup the eeprom i think. The eeprom is the serial number in the battery itself.
    pandora: 0x00000000
    my battery goes something like: 8x34835542
    or something like that.
    There are tutorials like this somewhere.

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    will this work on a psp phat running official 3.03?

    any links for guides?

    i used this. There might be better guides out there though

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    right guys ive made a pandora battery and magic memory card, but when i insert the battery only the green light turns on, no pandora memory.... nothing....

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    a quick update, used my own battery to make a pandora battery (hard mod) and then used "time machine" to enable me to use that battery as a normal battery.

    you gotta hold L, then insert battery
    This is probably deleted from the guide as I couldn't find it. If that dont work, change the psp to "HOLD" (power button down) then insert battery. Then wait for a while (the memory stick light will come on then off). Then change psp to normal and reinsert the pandora battery. It should work, as I have the same pandora thing and just checked.
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