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    My daughter has asked for a Pandora Tiara Ring for her Birthday as all her friends got one for Christmas. Does anyone know if their rings are stamped inside with the sizing as we are not near any outlets for her to try one on to ascertain the correct size. Just thought that she could try her friends ones on and then she could tell me so I could buy her one as a surprise. (We've looked online at the size guide but although she has small fingers her joints are quite big)


    No, they don't stamp the size as far as I am aware (I'm in the 2nd hand jewellery trade, I've never seen a size stamp in the ones I have come across)

    You'll need something like this, either to size her finger or to size a friends ring:…063?hash=item4605313e7f:g:ooIAAOxy0NtTGOcB

    Yes they are stamped, but Pandora sizes are numbers not letters, think they start from 48 to 60.

    My Pandora ring wasn't stamped but it was a men's ring and really thin so maybe it varies on particular styles

    yes real pandora rings are stamped s295 ale and then the size next to it.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies, I'll ask her to try her friends ones on and go from there.

    they definately have numbered stamps inside
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