Pandora stopping streaming to UK

    For those that have been using they're stopping streaming to the UK from the 15th of January.

    The reason? PPL (licensing) and PRS (performers rights) want too much money.


    Never heard of them tbh but it's an interesting situation. Stop a company from operating by pricing them out of the market, which in this case will probably force their users onto bittorrent to download the content they want to listen to instead. So no gain for the artists either way. Funny old world innit.

    Shame, I have been using the site for quite a while :-(

    I guess you can use non-UK proxy, can you?

    There's always ]http//ww…om/. I've used this quite a lot to listen to music when I'm not at home!

    Hope this helps


    Dammit, I love Pandora and it's opened me up to a few bands that I'd never heard of too! Real shame!
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