Pandora UK Store - Can someone confirm if this is a legit store please?

Found 12th Mar 2011
As above. Can someone confirm if they know if this is a legit store for Pandora jewellery please?
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30 seconds of looking there didn't tell you it was dodgy?

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Our local pandora shop told us that pandora never have sales so i think this shop is not legit.
You can't actually buy online from Pandora.
Get some recommendations from people on here. John Greed sell Pandora stuff online and thats what I use.
Thanks guys. It appears there is a Pandora shop in the Glades, Bromley so am heading there instead.

At the price they are it's best i get them from a proper store. Much love
"You can't actually buy online from Pandora." - not strictly true - you can email a store.
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