i bought a pandora watch for my daughters birthday in January costing £21 - 5 months later the watch strap which was metallic has significantly discoloured and faded. For the money I do not think this watch has lasted and they are now saying they want £20 for a new strap. Am I entitled to a refund?I


    at £21 its fake, you cannot get a pandora watch for £21

    I agree with above it has to be counterfeit if you got it for £21, you probably got some nickel based metal watch.

    Sorry got to agree with both above , do you mean a pandora 'lookalike' op ?........if so then its the gamble you take i'm afraid !

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    sorry i put the wrong price it was £215.00..


    sorry i put the wrong price it was £215.00..

    Which store did you get it from? Or even website? I would look there for returns information. Even so I have seen some chinese sites that look the real deal and charge real prices but you know for sure that they are supplying fakes.

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    it was from the genuine Pandora shop in Warrington and they are saying the strap has only a 30 day warranty!!! £215 and only 5 months old... rubbish quality!! I have been in touch with store and now on to their headquarters in UK.

    the strap doesnt come under the 3 yr warranty, which strap/watch is it? unfortunately anything non silver/gold does tarnish with perfume, crap etc,etc

    Sadly any watch that u buy cheap or expensive the STRAP is NOT covered in the warranty!!!!! I've learned that after i bought a £300 watch & after a month the strap broke, u could c that it was faulty...& they gave me this excuse...which i checked & they were right....managed 2 get a replacement after i made a fuss!!!! Good luck.
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