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Posted 18th Nov 2018

Does anyone have any experience buying a Pandora's Arcade unit? I've watched plenty of videos about the quality of the emulation etc so I'm not too worried about that. Just looking for recommendations on manufacturer (I know most of them are the same, just rebranded but any good experiences would be appreciated), supplier, differences between pay £100 for 1388 games on ebay or £160 for 2020 seekool pandoras box 6 on amazon. At the moment I'm inclined to pay more and go through amazon prime just for the assurance that amazon will probably deal with it if it messes up at any point in the first 12 months. Thanks in advance.
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Do you have a Jamma, JVS or direct?
I just want the all in one double stick table top box for when people come round, and maybe at some point to stick in a cabinet. I've got other ways to play emulators better for myself but I thought the all in one setup would be fun over Christmas with a few drinks.
Oh I thought you were on about the Pandora’s box versions you stick in a cabinet. I have no clue about the fight sticks as I think they are terrible myself.

Look on somewhere like shoryuken as they love fighting sticks on there.

If you don’t want a cabinet you could buy a mini one and put a Pandora’s box in it as shown on YouTube.

Street Fighter mini cab
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There are lots of clones out there all trying to have a bigger better number! The highest I’ve seen is one claiming to be a pandora box 9!

The original and there latest box is the Pandora Box 6 by 3a Games, you can buy direct from them via AliExpress for around £100 + £50 shipping. It’s hit/miss if you have to pay import tax or not. Search for 3a Games on AliExpress. There’s have a range of button across the top. Don’t be fooled by others claiming to be better by calling them 6s / 7 / 8 / 9 or even 3D - these are often modded 4 or 5s!

The 3a Game pandora box 6 is the original one and there latest out in 2018 - it no longer comes with Roms, there is a link to download 1300 of them should you so wish, but you can add your own roms as well.

Hope this helps!
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That's helped a lot. Much obliged.
friend has one from Ali express. pretty cool playing 2 player streets of rage with unlimited lives. he got hit with import tax but he said it was still cheaper than buying direct from Amazon.
Just about to order one from Amazon for £180.
It is the original 6 button 2 player - Pandora's Box 6.…c=1
Not checked since before xmas but 180 seems a good price. I ended up with the 8 button version from ali express. Cost me £200 after paying the import tax.
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