Found 28th May 2007
I saw the program on wifi, the immense fear mongering, the careful innuendo and lack of real reaserch that such technology will fry the brains of your offspring, despite being a fraction of the milliwatts used in transmission compared to your mobile phone, then this happened:……890

It's the same culture that is taking over this nation tell you unless we revert to amish type technological status, we're all going to die, from enviromentally friendly farts to using recycled toilet waste to wash your car.

All neurotic, fear mongering, over sensitive, over reacting, narrowminded, disinterested in real statistics people all over the world, must, die, horribly.

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Lol Strong words there!

Agree with you though, that is some terrible, scaremongering journalism by the BBC, using scare tactics for parents as ever to create a story and interest. The description of the tester reminds me of the ]E-meter used by Scientologists. My guess is it is simply a signal-strength meter tuned to the 2.4GHz band - absolute nonsense to then compare it to results near a phone mast etc which use a different band. Bah. You've got me riled too now!

Sadly this programme was no surprise from the BBC. Their science output over the last few years has been terrible, with only the Sky at Night and the odd Adam-Hart Davis programme providing any kind of informative viewing.

The entire media has taken a huge anti-intellectual swing in the last decade, and bad/fraudulant science is promoted regularly even in broadsheet papers.

Rubbish program, it's like The Sun has it's own show

Used to be that tv documentaries were accurate. You only have to watch some of the "Tonight" programs, the dumbed down Panoramas, Channel 4 Dispatches to see this is not the case any more...

Even Horizon is getting a bit dodgy these days...

Seems they have all dumbed downwards to the " Sun Reader " level.

Agreed, great shame.

Panorama has taken the American news approach, with watch this or your children could die programming!! Horizon has been appalling, there have been numerous complaints from the scientific community, many British scientists have now self-imposed a ban on appearing on horizon, which is why it features so many foreign scientists. Horizon have even pretty much stated that they just want to produce sexy science without worrying to much about accuracy.
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