Pans Labyrinth... One of the weirdest films ever??

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Found 28th Sep 2008
Its on now on C4 - your thoughts please.


it's a tremendous fantasy film

perturbed the other day to see it was in the kiddies section of our local blockbusters!

i like it, first saw it when it came out..put it on to watch tonight..but not really watching it, so obviously not following it all..silly me!

def one id recomend tho.

Saw it in the cinema, great film, better than the Hellboy films.

oh damn was gonna watch, forgot, poo

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kiddies section... Blockbuster!
if i were a parent (not yet as far as im aware :thinking:) there is no way i'd let my kids watch this.

not recommended for kids then? thought it was family friendly lol



Great story and visually stunning

The Island was on last night and only saw couple of minutes but looks good!! May get it!!

i love pans labarynth, one of my fave films of all time

sky + it don't tell me! lol


not recommended for kids then? thought it was family friendly lol

they called it an 'adult fairytale' lol

Pan's Labyrinth is an EXCELLENT film! Love it.

watching it right now for first time..bloody amazing... how horrid is the captain dude and something is definitely a miss with that faun spoilers for first time watchers well into this film!

one of my favs

It is a bit weird, but worth a watch


Brilliant film.... love it! :thumbsup:

I put it on but no one else wanted to watch it, so ended up set sky plus to tape it, I will watch it on my own some time.

Visually stunning as are all of Guillermo del Torro's movies. A bit like Alice in Wonderland I thought. Can't wait to see the Hobbit and also recommend you watching Cronos.

omg its mad!

eXistenZ was weirder!

Forgot to watch it and to tape it:oops:

It is a fantastic film and was one of those that I left the cinema with a huge grin on my face after it. Also would recommend Kronos as Choc1969 did and I'm also hoping The Hobbit will live up to my expectations.
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